and i will rise from the ashes…offers some are good some are bad shrug i do not get a choice…only how i deal with the outcome. for sure in my present state and things being what they are is stressful and i am not up for it :(. meh some sleep would help but i got stuff to do…yup 😀



  1. Anonymous says:

    chasing my former self is a waste of time…..we change, we are suppose to…. i think i morn for who i was and the world i lived in but what can ya do…i am here and i get to plan a life… i am confident when things come together it shall all work out…. going with that…lmao

    • Anonymous says:

      getiing what you work for is the biggest lie orrr i would be rich….even getting what you deserves doesnt cut it. shrug and it is sucking the life out of the indie. there was a time where that was true but more and more it is about being happy with whatcha got. nothing wrong with working hard and hoping for the best….pray doesnt hurt but really we have no idea what part we play or what lessons we must learn, hard to know what to hope for sooo i go with whats best and get on with it 🙂