the truth

some people just cant handle it, we werent meant to…i have zero doubt it all all make sense someday, for me most of it does now.

ummmm group think millions of individual thts as one…some knowing buttt most just batshit crazzy. lololol i think thatès funny…and different for everyone. the voices of reason and popular oppinion i hear real well. ahhh the ear thing shrug…idk it one of the things under stuff i just got use to. meh..weirdness and umm from my purspective not much i can do about it, just my fun filled little life….lmao…..

anddd total split for moi..i do not believe this is stuff ment to get into but there it is…to know does not make any difference to living our lives ass they were meant to be but this isnt what life should be and on and on and one big circle dance…i dont think i frag anymore i just go with it is what it is andddd not like it was my idea… 😉