the world has gone crazy

anddd i had a pretty good day. and not that i aint going to go to the pit of dispair…i can NOT believe mans inhumanity to man……but..i had a petty good day, a few in fact….people in good moods and laughs and giggles, hugs and smiles and all the horror cant continually eat it away. we need breaks, focus on the good stuff….ahhh it helps alot if u have faith and truely my belief and relience on a creator that’s got this. and NO what we do to each other is free will, we are not puppets, we are responsible for our actions and we make them ourselves. i do think influenced beyond reason but ahhh maybe we cant change what is but we can react however we wish. I chose to be happy, frequently confused altho far less these day, i am more comfortable in ways and seriously i aint perfect but i ahhh am a better judge of what is right and wrong for me. i’ve grown more confident in ahhh all the paths and posiblities always seem to fade to where i should be. my choice to like it or not. ahhh change i always try and move forward but some stuff there aint nothing i can do….what i can i do….after that it’s nap time…i am old and need a rest…