This probably makes me a bad human and an even worse woman, but…

Sometimes when I read news reports about women being raped or sexually assaulted it makes me horny. One of my favorite porn genres showcases this type of material. I’ve never been raped and obviously don’t want to be, and I think men should be punished brutally for perpetuating this type of violence.

I know rape fantasies are common amongst women, but it makes me feel terrible when I’m reading a story about it and my mind is thinking “how awful, that girl will probably never recover” but my pussy is getting wet.



  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s no question that rape fantasies are common among women. I figure that so many women are focused on competing with men and taking on dominant personality traits that they then fantasize about total submission. American culture rewards dominance, but many are aroused by the opposite of how they have to act in their daily lives. Men who fantasize about rape make me a lot more uncomfortable.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i knew someone who claimed to have these. it wasn’t the fantasies that made her a horrible person. is was spreading lies behind people’s backs claiming others had them when the didn’t.
    @1st comment–common but not as much as people like to think. for the same reasons you mention, many men have submission fantasies, probably more than women do. talk to a profession dom; you’ll be shocked how many straight alpha males want their services.