traditional marage

i am and always have been itès biggest fan. if anything sadens me it is that it wasnt my path. feel quite ripped off in fact. but i had to accept it and carry on. certainly i hope for a mutually benifiecal relationship and i see lil hope there but idk i admire those with sucessfull unions and love and all that good stuff. not even jealous just happy to see how things r supoose to be. maybe a lil bitter, i think understandable so but i can live with it without it eating me alive. take a good bit of blame for me present situation. i just dont see letting anyone take over my life and my world. itès imposible not to let past effect the future. lessons learned and seriously i learned HARD…..and still it will always be my belief men and woman were meant to suport and compliment each other not use and abuse and suck the life out of ya.

ok that was funny. never have i asked not to be spoken to cept for specific and seriously i would do much to have …carful sereously love the spirit of the homeless but bed bugs r contageous 😉 ummmmmm to touch and be touched. aint nobodys business but mine and i only answer to a higher power than anything from this earth. idk i supose all i can think of my life is…i hope all the crazy and abuse and pain and hurt did some good somewhere. i dont see my journey as having much to do with me atall. and at best as one of many many many like minded people all pouring their energy into their own beliefs and their own reaalitys. i am nothing but what exsists in reeality andddd thatès pretty limited but not by my wants and needs. really i would like to be on a beach with price charming dreaming of a purfect world and confortable knowing that will never be nor was it supose to be.