Tumblr Bullies

On tumblr, in the twdg fandom, I was bullied by bluewalltack and hanndigo (formally lillycaul, then lillycaulproskater) to the point of almost committing suicide. Both of those people are some of the worse people I have ever had the displeasure of interacting with. They act condescending, holier-than-thou, have no self-awareness whatsoever, and act like certain people in the fandom are inherently worse than other people just because they like certain characters, even though bluewalltack and hanndigo have both done terrible things in the name of their favourite characters.

I’ve seen them treat people terribly when they’ve said things they didn’t like. I’ve seen them turn on their own friends the moment they “step out of line”. I’ve seen them bully mentally ill people and kids just because they may or may not have said some bad things. But then they turn around and act like they’re warriors of social justice, and a large portion of the fandom treats them like they’re good people that others should look up to.

I suffer from depression, and when they went after me, my depression got so much worse. They didn’t care about my mental health. One of them pretended to apologize by basically saying that they were “sorry” that I made her lash out at me (and this was after she gaslighted and doxxed me), and the other said she had nothing to apologize for at all. They made me develop anxiety issues, and I almost killed myself because of them.

I want justice, not just for myself, but for everyone they’ve ever hurt. I want everyone to see how awful bluewalltack and hanndigo really are. Maybe I’ll never get to see it myself, but one day karma will get the both of them. You can’t be that awful without consequences.

But I am so tired of keeping all of this to myself. I’m so tired of seeing them in the fandom and seeing them act like they’re good people who haven’t hurt others as badly as they have. I’m tired of never seeing them get what they deserve. I still feel like killing myself sometimes, and they’re still part of the reason why. I really hope this actually gets posted, because I want the world to know what those two did to so many people, and I’m tired of them getting away with everything that they’ve done. The actions of bullies should be brought to the light.