utterly destroyed, totally reborn

I just discovered that everything i believed was a lie and I had just be served the greatest ripoff in history

but it frees me no longer do I have to insult my intelligence or my gut.
I am seeing the world for the first time, no longer blinded by hype or a desire to be all, fear and childish insecurites, I will now let me be me, see things as I now see and refused to be fooled again. I refuse to believe a lie just because it is sweeter than the truth.
The painful truth… how much relieved I feel, how much better i feel, the chance to really see the world through this unique view is one of the things I will cherish forever.
A toast to those who reveal the truth. You all should be immortalized…..



  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post. The discomfort of reality is worth knowing your feet are planted. And ultimately, as you say, to see what’s in front of you is very rewarding. Here’s to the truth tellers.