very rare

most r just bad and run like their pants r on fire and not in a nice way if u glare at them….easier to ignore and humiliate those that would attack, sad bunch with no lives…shrug for most part peeps r good but idk we see the worst in ourselves. idk why we all feel insecure and afraid… oddly idk changes there…insecure is eaten by dont give a ratz ass unless it├Ęs real and important and fear…sereously at some point there really was no point….i think that’s funny sorta kinda.

i think if we let it it only takes away from before and after life…info we learn here we dont have and info we need later we already have a passing aquaintence. wierd place buttt ya gotta work with whatcha got.

passive agressive idk i state facts and aint pursuing anything. i want to see where my life goes and i want to rebuild my life not everybodys on the planet. things will heal and regroup in different ways. i cant do anything about others journeys but i can avoid the crap. tired.