ya know

i dont think i am trying to attract anything, probably quite the opposite but i think it’s possible that i might ummm if i make my self more approachable/ available that i too could live happily ever after. then i laugh and laugh…..

certainly i have balance and ummm even in the crazest of circumstance it is in my view…somewhere. and no i dont think i am out of balance with those who would ammmm hurt me. bounderies and i am comfortable with my position. nothin i can do and if there is peeps know where to find me. going to live my life…drama…endless drama aint necessary or helpful. really making peeps sooo strong nothing will give them a stroke is b s…..some stuff in technical and in practice no big fucking deal…it is the journey that instills fear and dread. not with standing some stuff u should be afraid of and idk a learning thing. some stuff peeps simply would or could and the possible and implications and denial aint just a boat.