tired of being prepared for the worst orr i quit i suppose. it rarely happens. and when it does i deal with it. it’s called liviing your life. ahhh i just really dont have anything to say anymore. diairies meh peeps have doing it forever, just evolution and nexxt fase and idk. nothing i can do. i weep for those who live their lives in fear, so very easy. sad.



  1. Anonymous says:

    heart attack, meh cant say as i take very good care of myself but i believe when it’s my time i dont live my life in fear of it but i never did. my view of my world is generally…u have to be f* kidding me and go with whatever …i cant hide from..lmao for sure ocd bout my future but i think i need to be. fairly confident i have checked any obvious choices and few not so much. need to be smart but fun and joy and humor have been missing for soooo long.