Stacie is a Moron

Stacie is a fat and angry moron.

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friends are annoying

People are so unbelievably annoying. I have this friend. But sometime they can be really frustrating

I like to talk about my relationship with my friend sometimes because.. who doesn’t like to talk about something nice their partner did/does for them?

anytime I mention anything nice my partner does, my friend will go into this laaarge rant about how much their ... MORE

Woman with Black Hair and Glasses

A woman with long black hair and glasses and a green convertible is mocking people at a Costco parking lot in Palm Desert, CA.

i love him so much

i really wish we’d be a thing again, its him and nobody else

prayer request out of poverty, sadness, isolation and sickness

Dear Almighty, While I have great respect for wealth, I am struggling financially these days. O God, I need a miracle so that I can have the necessary financial acumen to enjoy luxury and wealth. May my faith in you be intact and strong always!

Uncle Ralph, the confirmed batchelor

Another Christmas spent with my family. I’m in my mid sixties and a closet homosexual. I ‘never’ had a family of my own, and I have grown very close to my nieces and nephews and their families.

What happened late one night

I worked as a cashier for a supermarket during the summers in college. One night I got off at nine and went to my car. A man was waiting and he put a bag over my head and dragged me into the bushes. He hit me hard on the head and then raped me. I was half conscious, knew what was happening, but was defenseless to stop it. I woke up sometime later and got my clothes back on ... MORE

Getting to know Greg

I met Greg in Ag Eco. He was mysterious and wore his hair long. I felt something right then and after class I caught up with him and got him into a conversation. We went to my dorm room and I sucked him to completion, doing my best to swallow it all. We laid on the bed and he got behind me and humped up against my naked ass. He got hard and he started to poke my ass. I ... MORE

My long time secret love

In my freshman year of college I made a friend and we hung out together. After a football game we went to a party and had some beer and things were getting rowdy. She and I stayed apart, in the kitchen, while the wild sex was going on in the living room. We watched, it was our first party like that. I felt her hold my hand and we cringed together watching some guy overcome ... MORE

My hidden side

My name doesn’t matter, I’m just one of many. I have a hidden side, a life that I don’t put out there. I’m gay and have been since I can remember. But for all the reasons there are I never came out. I am now in my late forties, I associate with gay men for the purpose of sex, exclusively when I am out of town and I have an alter ego name and character.